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JacoTech Lenticular Cylinder Engraving Products and Sales Agent Opportunity

Quick Details Place of Origin: Illinois, United States Brand Name: Opti-Cube Model Number: JacoTech Shaping Mode: Extrusion Mould Product Material: Plastic Product: Extrusion Optical Roll Molds Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details Custom Delivery Time 2-4 weeks JacoTech seeks lenticular cylinder engraving distributors or sales agents to offer our optical lens designs, and lenticular cylinder engraved moulds to extruders/embossers/casters/calendaring plastic processing sheet manufacturers around the globe

Company Name:    JACOBSEN LENTICULAR TOOL & CYLINDER ENGRAVING TECHNOLOGIES CO. Operational Address:    Chicago Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4289, ITASCA, Illinois, United States Website:     http://www.JacoTech.com http://www.LentiClearLens.com http://Linkedin.com/in/GaryJacobsen/

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