Hello everyone , this is Mr. Iwasaki Hitoshi. 

Twenty years ago, I joined Spins as a part-time staff in Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture. To me who was brought up in a country, it was an encounter with a smart clothing shop that was shockingly cool, and in a way I met my company, Human Forum and my colleagues who change my life by 180 degrees . 

Since we are clothes shops and cafes, many of our employees and staff are young in their twenties and thirties, young but experienced, curious, individualized, various With a lot of talent all together, I'm impressed with continuing myself, that I am seriously serious and seriously a company with a lot of colleagues. 

Also, I feel that I have been loved and supported by many suppliers until now, thank you very much, thank you. 

Such [together with his friends] , [more enjoyable rich and happy ways of working in a unique, way of life] , and [think together, that kick in creating together] is, to me, we have exciting fun. 

From now on, we will continue to aim for a new and interesting company. 

If our existence trembles the hearts of someone and it has become a power to transform itself, I am very happy. 

Thank you very much.

Company Name:    HUMAN FORUM CO., LTD Operational Address:    261, Shikibucho, Takoyakushiagaru, Teramachidori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan Website:

Human Forum Co., Ltd.

Takamachi-  ku Tachimachu- dori  Pharmacist  Kaikori Kamibe-cho 261, Kyoto Ward 604-8061 TEL: 075-212-8991  FAX: 075-254-1126

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